I'm a Grateful Dad!

Being the parent of well adjusted children that have become responsible productive adults is a true blessing and a wonderful gift. Well adjusted, responsible and productive are subjective and require some further definition. This is fairly simple for this discussion, as I simply mean what is reasonable behavior of an adult. Not looking for the extraordinary, even though they certainly could be on the high end of achievement. But this conversation is not meant to compare success to others but to recognize it in those that have obtained it and live their life as a reasonable adult. So what is reasonable? I am sure that opinions vary in regard to this question and could be skewed by influences such as culture, education, geography, physical ability and health. I am not going to try to cover it all but just give a brief idea of what I mean by reasonable behavior. You might be considered reasonable and responsible: If you are an adult and have or seek employment to care for yourself or your family, then this is reasonable behavior. This gets even tougher during these depressed economic times. In other words if you are able to work, you work or your actively seek work. You do not seek handouts as a way of life. If you are an adult and you do not engage in illegal activity including recreational drugs, then this is reasonable behavior. If you are an adult that cares for your family and provides for your own children and their needs, then this is reasonable behavior. If you are an adult that puts their family above others, nurtures them and educates them, then this is reasonable behavior. I could go on forever with examples but if you are an adult and you are trustworthy, loyal, courteous, kind and respectful and act as a reasonable person might be expected to live and act then you have arrived. I have had many men and women my age tell me that they would love to be free of family restraints so they could go cruising as I do. We are not talking about one or two but dozens and that is just recently and in my small circle. As we talk they begin to tell me about their adult children that are unemployed, living with them and not going to school nor actively seeking employment. Then others tell me about their adult children that are deeply addicted to drugs or alcohol and unable to take care of their own children. Still others share about adult children that have abused themselves to the point that they require daily caregivers and regular medical attention. These are a few of the examples that have been related to me recently by folks my age that are certainly acting in a responsible manner by helping their adult children that have made some very poor choices themselves. My point here is that when others chose to live an irresponsible life it causes others that choose to act responsibly to postpone and sometimes give up their dreams. My hat is off to these men and women that continue to choose to do what is right and responsible. I applaud them and their efforts to right a wrong. I so wish these individuals could see that their bad choices steal the dreams and resources from their parents, loved ones and the taxpaying public. To this end……………I want to tell each of my four children how proud of them that I am that they have choose to live as reasonable and responsible adults. Thank you for taking care of yourselves and your families. I Love YOU! This is a wonderful gift and I am a very Grateful Dad!

Cat Island | Bahamas

We have arrived in Cat Island, Bahamas. We will have time to make several blog updates while we are here. We have been here since Wednesday, after an all day and night sail from Allen's Cay in the Exumas. We plan to have an extended stay on Cat Island.....It is beautiful!