Marsh Harbor | Peas | Haitian Community

The soul partakes in and is fed by the light of the Universal Spirit. Rudolfo Anaya

Once again the Capt and I found ourselves in wonder of how well our existence through this world is controlled if we just let go and let God, the universe, the spirit take command.

Here is our story.

We had magnificent self made plans to sail back to Marsh Harbor this past Friday to reconcile our business deal with Florida Yacht Charters as agreed upon, then we would travel down to Sandy Cay to fish in the blue holes and snorkel. We were so excited to get this business transaction complete so we could have some fishing time before picking up our soon arriving guests in Nassau.

We arrived back in Marsh Harbor as planned to discover that the transaction had been postponed until the following Wednesday due to someone not following through on their responsibilities prior to taking vacation time. Putting it mildly, we were a bit upset; no frustrated and irritated better describes it. We made an agreement and now the other party has conked out on their end of the agreement. This took our time at the blue hole away, added extra expense to us as well as added stress as we had to be in Nassau by Thursday to prepare for Mike and Alex’s arrival. Our minds automatically shifted into rescue mode. We started examining all the possible what ifs, what if the weather does not permit us to get to Nassau in time to meet our guests? What if Florida Yacht Charters are making excuses just to delay us with no plans to pay us? We spent a good 48 hours exploring every negative outcome that could exist then coming up with a counter plan of attack for each. After we had finally exhausted ourselves with planning strategies I looked at the Captain and tried to convince him and myself that there was a reason for this massive delay and inconvenience… what could it be??

We were sitting contentedly one morning at the settee on Mary Rose sipping our steaming hot French vanilla flavored coffee and listening to the static cluttered cruiser’s net on the VHF when an acquaintance of ours came on the net and announced that this upcoming Sunday he was planning a community day for the children in Peas (a Haitian settlement here in Marsh Harbor) and Capt Ron was looking for donations of chips, hot dogs and such. Hooray!!! This must be the rationale of our imprisonment in Marsh Harbor! Most of you are aware of our love of the Haitian children; consequently the Capt and I have been discussing whether it is safe for us to return to Haiti this year with the upheaval that continues to ferment there. We hurriedly finished our coffee and walked briskly up the dock in search of Capt Ron to obtain more details of the event. He explained that he was born and grew up in the Peas settlement and it bothers him to watch the children live through what he had to live through and he wanted to provide a little joy for the children so whenever the resources allow he plans little events for them. The children are our future he explained and someone must nurture them and show them how life can be. Ahhh, this is it and we will not only donate to the cause we must attend!!
The next day I walked to the store and purchased Kool-aid, bags of coconut marsh mellows and cups. Sunday afternoon we met Christian, a friend of Capt Ron’s, on the sidewalk in front of the marina with the sack of treats as well as 48 pairs of shoes! (Thank you Jane at the Harborage, Gordy and Cynthia and Shannon, William, LeeAnn, Rivers, and Alex for the donations of shoes!!!) We jumped in Christian’s car and off we went to the Peas. What a difference a couple of miles can make! We arrived at the Peas, it was as if we had stepped out of the resorty Abacos and into the real world of Haiti. The leisurely atmosphere was the same, the haphazardly built houses the same, the beautiful friendly children the same, the smells that floated through the dusty air the same. Peas is piece of Haiti, these people brought a piece of home, a piece of their culture across the ocean to the Island of Abacos in search of an enhanced, flourishing life.
The grill was fired up and smoky, the music playing loud, the neighborhood adults standing around watching with suspicious eyes as strangers invaded their world, the children running happily to and fro on the rock-strewn, dusty ground, most with no shoes or shoes that were way too small. This is it the Capt and I said to each other as our hearts filled with peace, this is where we were meant to be…the reason we were delayed.
The Captain cheerily took control of the grill where the hamburgers and hotdogs sizzled and blacked while the Admiral made friends with the children and spied those who needed shoes the most.
After eating and games it was time for the Captain and I to start our mission of passing out shoes to a few needy children. The first pair of shoes, the Capt gifted to my little boyfriend, Kiki. He was a swift kid with shoes that couldn’t keep up with his feet. He was a sweetheart of a boy and we just happened to have a pair of tennis shoes that fit him… imagine that! Capts, Ron and Don took him aside without me noticing and gifted him the shoes, afterwards the boy vanished for quite some time. He re-emerged later with a clean yellow striped button down shirt and his new tennis shoes. He came up to me, looked at his shoes, looked up at me, and gave me a massive smile and a hug that could have strangled an anaconda! What a true blessing, this is food for my soul!

The remainder of shoes were distributed one pair at a time throughout the settlement. With empty bag in hand we made our way back to the party site. As we navigated our way through the uneven rocky paths a twelve year old boy wearing girls flip flops ran in front of us, as he sprinted off, he blew out his flip flop, perfect timing! The Captain called him over; in reply the boy cautiously approached us. The Captain explained to him that today was his lucky day as he was going to get a new pair of shoes! The boy walked with us back to the party site as the Capt sang Jimmy Buffet to him... bet you can guess the song!! Fortunately we had left a couple pairs of shoes at the party for just this moment. As it would be the shoes fit perfectly!
There were a lot of children that we couldn’t help that is a sad fact but we are grateful that we were able to gift forty eight children with new shoes that actually fit them so they can now navigate the rocky terrain safely and decrease the risk of injuries to their feet!!
Always remember that a delay may end up being a blessing in disguise! Yes the universe, God, and the powers that be do know what is best for us even when we can’t see it!
After all was said and done we received yet another blessing.... transaction taken care of today instead of Wednesday as planned.. so yes we still may get to go fishing!

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson