Passing of a Dear Loved One

My dearest Aunt Mae passed this week after a very long productive and blessed life. Had she lived to see March 6th of this year she would have reached the age of 89. She is survived by her husband Uncle Murl, her son, Billy Wayne, grandchildren and great grandchildren and a half sister. Aunt Mae was the last living full sister of my mother and I had a wonderful relationship with her. Lana and I saw her last summer and had a wonderful visit. This gives me pause to remember to give the roses while they live.

Give Me the Roses

Wonderful things of folks are said
When they have passed away
Roses adorn the narrow bed
Over the sleeping clay

Give me the roses while I live
Trying to cheer me on
Useless are flowers that you give
After the soul is gone

Praises are heard not by the dead
Roses they cannot see
Let us not wait till souls have fled
Generous friends to be

Faults are forgiven when folks lie
Cold in the narrow bed
Let us forgive them ere they die
Now should the words be said

Nassau to Abacos

We are leaving Nassau today and are headed for the south end of the Abacos Islands in the Bahamas.