Challenge | To ALLCruisers and Beach Bums | To Help | Save Our Sea Life and Beaches

The Captain and I were flabbergasted when we arrived at the Jumentos and caught a glimpse of the plastic trash that covered the beaches. Yes we are aware that most ocean side beaches have all sorts of trash on them but here it is mostly plastic rubbish. It is atrocious the amount of plastic that litters these beautiful uninhabited island beaches. We all realize that plastic takes years and years to be broken down as well as they kill humongous amounts of sea life.
There is a massive whale skeleton on exhibit at Warderick Wells, the cause of death for this magnificent creature....suffocation from a plastic grocery bag.

We as a people must come to the place within ourselves where we find this very disheartening as this is a conundrum that cannot be allowed to continue. We must come to the understanding that we hold the key to the future of our home, this wonderful planet that we were gifted.
As cruisers we should always remember to dispose of our garbage appropriately to protect our planet for the next generation to follow us.
The proper way to dispose of garbage in remote uninhabited island areas is to burn it and then bury the remains.
The Captain and I had our own garbage bag of trash from Mary Rose that required burning so we gathered it up and jumped in our go fast dinghy to the nearest beach. As our own trash burnt we gathered all
the trash within a 200x200 sq ft area and threw it in with our trash.
Yes it wasn’t a large area but if everyone out here cruising would do this small mission just think of what the impact could be!

Our challenge is when you visit a unpopulated area and need to dispose of your garbage by beach burning,
as you burn your own garbage gather items from the beach and add it to your pile, especially the plastic items.

Our children and grandchildren will thank us one day as we retain ownership and accountability for our planet!

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