Mangoes Marina | Marsh Harbor | Abacos |Bahamas

We were put up in Marsh Harbor for several days to ride out one of the frequent cold fronts that pass through the Bahamas on a regular schedule. The Harbor was crowded, but there was still room at anchor. We decided to dinghy to the local marinas and check see if there were discounts off of the published prices. We discovered that most of the marinas in Marsh Harbor were willing to discount their prices just for the asking. We decided on Mangoes as it had a good approach and was on the south side of the Harbor where the main part of town is located. Mangoes Marina is just west of the Moorings Charter base and has a large sign over the main part of the dock. If your draft is four feet or over then you should wait until mid tide or higher before making your approach. Most of the slips will accommodate deep draft vessels. You should hail Mangoes Marina on VHF channel 16 where you will be asked to switch and answer channel 12. You can also call them at 242-367-4255. We were greeted with a cheerful welcome and spoke with Ray. Ray is the dock master and is very knowledgeable of the area and extremely helpful. Ray will give you good directions for avoiding any shallow areas on the approach to the marina. Just ask! We received AAA+ service upon arrival and during our stay. Ray as well as other individuals were dockside to greet us and lend an experts hand with the dock lines. We stayed several days and returned later for another lengthy stay. We made several new friends while we were there. A great time was had by all! Mangoes Marina, Ray and staff gets our highest award for price, quality and service. We give them a very high recommendation.

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