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We love our Explorer charts and our Garmin Chart Plotter uses the Explorer Charts for the Bahamas. Explorer Charts are the most accurate and comprehensive charts of the Bahamas. However there are some areas that are not surveyed and it is noted as such on the charts. We appreciate the fine work of Monty and Sara Lewis. A short time after we arrived in Cat Island we met Rich Saetta, the owner of Tail Winds resort on Shanna’s Cove. Rich invited us to visit and anchor off the beach in front of his resort. Shanna’s Cove is not listed on the charts and it is north of Orange Creek Point. In order to get there you had to round Orange Creek Point to the west and head north. That would have us sail through an area that is not surveyed and into an area that reported very shallow depths on the chart. We were a bit cautious but we decided to go and poke around to see if the great depths the locals were reporting were true. We went very slow and used our VPR (Visual Piloting Rules) to navigate these new waters. We were pleased to find that we had adequate depth the entire route to Shanna’s cove. Rich has always been curious as to why the sailing vessels that visit Cat Island never venture past Orange Creek and into the waters off of his resort. The answer is very simple. The area to get there is not surveyed and the reported depths are too shallow for keel boats. We have been anchored here now for several days and the anchorage is one of the best we have ever experienced. The water is plenty deep at 9 – 10 feet MSL and gin clear in soft sand. There is good protection from the NNE all through the South. The beaches are an astonishing pink color with some coral heads close to shore for snorkeling. The sunsets are spectacular and Rich’s resort is very cruiser friendly. Rich offers shower facilities for cruisers, a great Tiki bar, excellent food, WiFi and beverages as well as very helpful local knowledge. Rich makes a half pound cheeseburger with fries that is the best we have ever had in the Caribbean! We encourage you to visit Rich at the Tail Winds Resort when you visit Cat Island. His web site address is: www.tailwindsresort.com or call him at 242-432-5276. Another bonus of this anchorage is that you are a short go-fast dinghy ride from the beautiful beach on the north end of the island. It is a great experience in settled weather and this is the beach where the Admiral found the “Message in a Bottle.” You can read all about that on this blog site as well.

Here are the GPS waypoints to get you from Orange Creek and around Orange Creek Point to the anchorage at Shanna’s Cove. The starting point is the anchorage at Orange Creek as marked on the explorer Chart for Orange Creek.


Starting Point N 24 38.497 W 75 42.865

First Turn N 24 37.162 W 75 44.420

Second Turn N 24 38.041 W 75 45.444

Anchorage N 24 39.760 W 75 44.640

All turns and tracks are in 8 - 10 feet of water at MLW and the anchorage is in 9 feet MLW. As you approach the anchorage, look for two large patches of dark grass and anchor between them before you get to them. The anchorage is a large area of deep sand with a bottom clear of rocks and coral with excellent holding. We did not experience any swell during our stay. Beware of weather patterns that may blow from the SSW to N. There is good protection from NE to South and the anchorage is deep sand with excellent holding. The anchorage is directly in front of Tail Winds Resort. The lat lon for the Tail Winds Resort is N 24 39.831 W 75 44.545 Be sure to land your dinghy a bit to the north of the Tiki bar and large rock on the beach to avoid a rocky area just to the south of the Tiki bar. You will need a long painter to tie your dinghy to the rocks in front of the Tiki Bar, trees or the flag pole. Tell Rich you read about his resort on our blog and let us know how your experience went during your visit.

Note: VPR (Visual Piloting Rules) apply in this area. Good weather, sunlight, bottom reading and piloting skills required.

CAUTION: The positions are approximate and the publisher of this blog assumes no liability for omissions, errors, or alterations and advises that following these navigation directions is done at the Mariners risk. The prudent Mariner will not rely solely on any single aid to navigation.

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