Black Point | Exumas | Bahamas

We are moving today from Warderick Wells to Black Point in the Exumas. All Is well and Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

We hope to have better connections to the web from our new location.

Update......We are now in Black Point, Exumas, Bahamas. This is a great place to stop over and we will write a detailed post later. All is Well!


Bill said...

Great Blog. I'm rebuilding my scuppers now. Did the 5200 work or should I glass 'em in?

s/v Galena

CaptainDon said...

Hi Bill,

Thank for the comment. It sounds like you read the post on the scupper repair. The 5200 is working well. I suppose you could glass them in but I think there may be a concern due to the need for flex between the deck and the hull which the scuppers join. I am not an expert but those are my thoughts. Have a great day!