Sailboat Portlight Repair | Westsail 32 | Maryrose V

Mary Rose had two portlights that had soft wood below them from moisture penetration. The portlight in the v-berth was simply a matter of rebidding the framework, sanding and painting. However the portlight over the navigation station was a bit more complicated. Listed below are the steps that were involved in repairing the water damage to the wood under the portlight.
1. Remove the portlight and frame.

2. Cut, scrape and pull away all damaged wood under the portlight.

3. Cut a piece of marine plywood that is slightly thinner than damaged area to the approximate dimensions of the damaged area.
4. Mix some thickened epoxy and epoxy the plywood into place and let it set to the stage where you can just barely make a nail print into the epoxy.

5. Add additional thickened epoxy to fill in the voids and let sit overnight.
6. Sand the entire area smooth with 80 grit and round the opening to the desired diameter to accept the portlight framework.
7. Add additional coats of epoxy mixed with faring material until the damage area in built up even with or beyond the original area and let the epoxy set up completely.
8. Sand the faring compound to a final finish and then lightly brush with non thickened epoxy.
9. Sand, Prime, Paint

10. We cleaned our bronze portlight framework with ospho and rinsed them with fresh water.
11. Replace the portlight framework with suitable material. We used SIS 440 to bed our portlights.

Start to finish took three days to allow epoxy to set up properly.


Brian said...

We're in the process of doing the same thing to the portlights on our Westsail 32! What is Ospho? Did you do a soak, followed by scrubbing? The finished project looks really nice.

CaptainDon said...

Best way to get all the info is to google ospho or check out http://ospho.com/

Our process was to soak, wire brush and rinse with fresh water.