Children In Need, Time For Reflection

We Are Your Family Too

Wow, where do I begin in this story of our visit to the orphanage of L’Oeuvre Saint Franqois? My soul, my heart, my very being walked away touched in a way I have never been touched before. I felt as if my heart was home, at long last home. Sister Flora is the closest I have come to be acquainted with anyone that I would equate to Mother Theresa. This woman gives her very existence to these children some requiring 24 hour care. When I asked her if there was any thing that she needed personally her response was, “All I need are the things needed to care for my children and keep them safe and happy, that is all I need.” You can tell by the children’s faces that they are very loved and happy. They all smile and they get very excited to see new faces, they will welcome you with open hearts and arms. Keb Mo’s song “I Am Your Mother Too” can explain how I feel better than I could ever put into words. I spent an hour trying to find the lyrics to the song but was not successful. You can listen to the song at this web-site http://www.rhapsody.com/keb-mo/big-wide-grin--2006 We found ourselves in Ile a Vache totally unexpectedly and unprepared. By some higher caller than from ourselves we did have some medical supplies on board. So we took the medical supplies that we had and donated them to the children. Thank you to those who entrusted us with the supplies you donated to us for our Soles For Little Souls adventure. They will be used appreciatively. The items that Sister Flora does not need she uses to barter with the hospital for surgeries for the children. These children have varyingly sad stories, some lost parents to the earthquake, and some had been abandoned by their parents because they had a disability, some were abused and neglected and brought to Sister Flora severely malnourished but the smiles continue. The items that are desperately needed are; diapers all sizes including adult sizes, glucose tablets, glucometers and strips, water purification tablets, wheelchairs, walkers, leg braces, hydrocortisone cream, antibiotic creams, bug repellant, baby formula, baby food, batteries, baby bottles, school supplies, educational materials, first aid supplies and of course money to buy various items such as wood for the kitchen which they spend approximately $200 per month on wood to fuel the kitchen fire. Imagine yourself in a cement building with little ventalation, hot and full of smoke to the point that it is hard to take a breath, this is what the volunteers of the kitchen live with as they prepare food for the children. If you have a desire to assist you can contact us by leaving a comment and we will give you additional information. You can mail items to the orphanage but unfortunately a constant problem in Haiti is governmental corruption and the intended recipients may never receive the items. We will be returning to Ile a Vache next summer to deliver more supplies and volunteer time working to help them complete the new school.

Quote from Sister Clara, “What may seem small to one person may be big to another”

Yes… We are all their family too.

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