Brief Update

It is now Sunday April 24, 2010 and this is a very brief update.
Our very dear friend, Dr. Bill Smith arrived in Tortolla on April 11th to sail with us for a week and he returned to Kansas City on April 17th. We sailed to Anegada and had a great time! Bill is writing a blog that will detail the visit and activities; we will post it as soon as we are able.

Lana and I departed the British Virgin Island on 4/17/2010 and sailed to Great Lampshire Bay on the East end of St John. The following day we sailed to Culebra in the Spanish Virgin Islands and stayed two nights before sailing to Puerto Rico. Our first stop was in Puerto Rico where we anchorage at Puerto Patilla on the southeast corner of the island. We departed the next morning for Ponce but decided to anchor at a lovely island off the southern Puerto Rican coast called Caja de Muerto. The water was gin clear and the beach was beautiful. The next morning we went to the Ponce Yacht and Fishing Club where we topped off the fuel tank and water tanks in preparation for another crossing of the Mona Passage. We departed Ponce about 10 AM for the Dominican Republic. We expected this passage to take about two days as the winds were light and the seas were calm. However we received a gift of fresh trade winds about 3 AM and we gained good speed and arrived in La Romana, Dominican Republic about 4:30 PM the next day. The Mona crossing was wonderful and it was like a sleigh ride with speeds in excess of 6 knots to the starboard beam. We never changed tacks all the way to La Romana. We will continue on from here to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Mexico and then to St Petersburg by June 1, 2010. We will write an extensive blog on the Marina Casa de Campo as this is the very best Marina experience we have had to date.