Luperon, Dominican Republic | Yacht Club | Fuel Filters

We went to the Luperon Yacht Club shortly after our initial arrival in Luperon but it was Monday and that is the only day they are closed. We were impressed with the building and grounds as well as the two clean swimming pools that overlook the bay.

We had planned on returning but our many excursions to visit historical sites in the area delayed our visit until yesterday. There is a cruisers radio event on CH 72 on Wednesday and Sunday each week. We sent out a message that we were still looking for fuel filters for our external Racor fuel filtering system for diesel fuel. It seems that the extra filters I thought I had vaporized or perhaps were mistakenly removed from the boat during our preparation for our voyage. There was simply no way we were going to leave Luperon without spare filters on board. We looked in Luperon, Puerto Plata and Sontiago for our 500 FG filter cartridges but none were to be found. Another cruiser called us on the radio and told us to hail Andy on OB-LA-DI and we did but there was no response. It seems that Andy is “the filter guy” in Luperon. Then yet another friendly cruiser told us to hail Joe and Kim at the Luperon Yacht Club as Andy was temporarily away. Joe and Kim invited us over to have a look at our filter needs and perhaps they could get in touch with Andy and gain access to his filter supply. They called Andy and he did have the exact cartridge that we needed and told them how to find them. By 5PM we had our filters with additional assistance from AL.
The service from Joe, Kim and Al was way beyond expectations and will allow us to depart safely with spare filters.

Andy has a business here called “Filterboss” , it is a diesel fuel filter system that polishes and switches fuel filters with audible warnings before filter failure. You can reach Andy in Luperon by hailing OB-LA-DI or visit his website at KTISYSTEMS.COM. The filters were very fairly priced.

The Yacht club is a friendly restaurant with great views of the harbor and wonderful food. They are closed Mondays and open 12 – 9 other days. It is truly a family atmosphere offering trivia pursuit on Thursday night and musical jam sessions on Sunday with daily happy hour for all to enjoy. They will also gladly assist boaters with other issues just as they did for us with our filters. Be sure to visit the Luperon Yacht Club and say hello to Joe and Kim.