Luperon Dominican Republic | Haircut | Lost in translation

The Admiral was busy downloading photos and blogging so it seemed appropriate for the Captain to seek out an local establishment for a much needed haircut. I was getting a little (read alot) shaggy around the edges and neck line. So down the street I go and just two blocks away I found a beauty shop in a very small one room building. I inquired about a haircut but to my disappointment they would only do chicas. I asked where there was a barber shop for hombres and he pointed down the street and on the right. Just as I was leaving a young Dominican girl said "hello my friend" in perfect english and asked if I was looking for a haircut. She told me that her aunt cuts hair and would give me a hair cut. I said "OK" and we walked around the corner to her aunt's house and made the deal. I sat out on the front porch in a wondeful old chair and bathe towel around my shoulders for a hair cut. She asked me (in spanish) how much I wanted to take off and I replied in my best spanish "just a little. Solomente poco, mas o minos". I sat for a short time as the sissors went to work and in less than thirty minutos, I was handed a 2 inch round mirror to look at the completed hair cut. It looked a little short but I did not have my glasses on so I paid her and as I walked out she pointed to a larger mirror on the wall. This time I had my glasses on and got a good look at the trim job. I thought I was looking at someone else in the mirror. It seems that I had lost my hair in translation. What was meant to be only take off a little bit was recieved as only leave a little bit! Yikes! My hair is shorter now that it has ever been in my life and my forehead is bigger than it has ever been in my life. Oh well! I got my money's worth and it will grow back.... won't it????????? Even better......... flesh is a better color than grey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!