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Thank you Krzysztof (Kris) for photograhing Mary Rose V!

Kris and Ania are bicycling around the world! http://www.rowerami.info/

Waterfalls in Imbert, Dominican Republic

We read about the cascades in several publications as well as heard about them from many locals as a must do experience. Our expedition team consisted of Don, myself and a couple friends we have met during our travels Mike (S/V This End Up) Ania who with her boyfriend are bicycling around the world, please visit their web-site http://www.rowerami.info/. It took the 4 of us roughly 40 minutes to arrive at the mountain that contained our awaiting treasure. The journey to the mountain was a bit alarming since I am not convinced the bus we rode in had brakes. For those of you that have enjoyed a Manhattan cab ride double that experience and that may come close to a ride on the Luperon city bus which is disguised as a beat up mini van. Once we arrived we had to make the decision to visit 7, 12 or 24 waterfalls. Upon further inquires we found out that the trip would consist of trails through water and via land, rock climbing and waterfall climbing on the way up and sliding down or jumping off waterfalls on the way down. After careful consideration we decided to do the middle ground of 12. We set off on our journey of self discovery and to enjoy the true beauty of the world in which we reside. The trails were easy enough but may I say climbing up a waterfall is not a simple task to accomplish. Thankfully our guides, Chichi and Giau (short for Giauvanni) were excellent leaders as each of struggled with foot and hand placement they jumped and climbed the rocks as if they were half cheetah. They enhanced our exploration by providing entertainment; humor and making us feel exceedingly welcome in their backyard playground. They were perfect gentlemen and always ready to lend a helping hand when needed they even gave us facials! The sights that began to surround us were amazing, very spiritual. If you closed your eyes you could almost hear the echo of laughter of the young Indian children that once ran through the creeks, climbed the rocks and splashed around in the crystal clear pools that lay below the waterfalls. This location is by far the most spiritual, soul clenching, peaceful, romantic place I have ever experienced. We spent nearly 4 hours in this stunning, breath-taking location, running through creeks, climbing rock walls and waterfalls, jumping, sliding, diving into the water from 12 different cascades To take it all in was a bit awe-inspiring but we all received blessing in many individual ways. The price for the guides to the waterfall …$12 US dollars a piece excluding tips… price for the lifelong memories.. priceless. I highly recommend this voyage if you ever find yourself in the D.R. the landscape is unscathed by man except for the trails, the slides are made my nature. One bit of advice if you have a piece of good fortune to visit Luperon plan your waterfall adventure early in the morning as we did or you may discover yourself feeling like you are at Disneyland without the turnstiles. There are several resorts near by and they usher all the guests to the falls and as we were finishing our trip the tourists were beginning to arrive in what appeared to be human cattle cars and there were way too many for our preference.