Port Lycaya.. The Back Roads

Yesterday we spent the day touring the back roads of Great Bahamas. We left the glitz and glamour of the tourist sector and took the back road path. We visited Freeport as well as St Lucaya.

This was very awakening journey. My eyes were opened to a new level of culture and behaviors. The people of this island are warm and welcoming yet as you can see from some of the pictures that the level of living is not what most of us would call customary. Poverty does not seem to be an issue designed for these people as they work hard and sing praises. These folks to do not sing in a soft timid voice, rather they sing in a fashion where there are no misconceptions of who they are singing to or how truly grateful they are. They seem to find the blessings in everything they do, every breath they take. It is very spiritually uplifting. There was a time when I was much younger that I inadvertently looked down on people, pasted judgments based on my own ignorance. Nowadays I find myself wanting to rescue, to help, to feel sorry for these wonderful people not living up to what I consider the conventional. I had to be reminded recently that this is their ethnicity, they are joyful and content. My judgments and misconceptions on this way of life should be put aside. They sing praises of gratitude, how many of us can do that in the middle of a slightly uncomfortable situation, how many of us find the blessings on a day to day basis even through what we consider difficult times?? I am learning to find peace and happiness in the blessings big and small that come my way each day. Hurricane Katrina that ravished New Orleans also hit this island leaving behind devastation. Many lives disrupted. Today life goes on cheerfully with minimal regards to the past. Little thought wasted on the “poor me” mentality as some of us find ourselves in when faced with thorny situations. What I have noticed in the island people is that they find a way to forge ahead even if it means turning their home into a bakery, slaving over hot ovens all day just to pay the bills. At the moment, the children go to school in their nicely pressed uniforms run and play and build relationships with each other as they begin to form the next generation to carry on the traditions of such a wonderful island.

Patience.. Dreams Do Come True

And so it is........................