Mary & Crew Arrive Safely At Port Lucaya, Bahamas

Yes we made it safe and sound... we are in the Bahamas. Total time: Marathon FL to Freeport Bahamas: 22 hours! The Gulf Stream was a piece of cake. All the horrible stories we have heard from other boaters... does not include us.. this time We had a fast but smooth sail across... we had winds from the unexpectedly from the north for a little while but no big waves! Top speed 9 knots! It was a great ride while the Captain slept. Yes, this time it was the Capt sleeping not the Admiral!

During our sail time across the Gulf Stream we learned a lot about navigation, esp avoiding tankers and shrimp boats at night! It is mind boggling trying to figure out direction of travel, size of the vessel etc etc etc in the darkness We saw flying fish.. please see picture on last post... These fish are amazing, they look like fish but with wings, they take flight from the water leaving behind them a runway then they take flight which we can't quite understand how they do it since they have no feet or legs, then they take flight and fly for a very long distance before landing back in the water. It is one of the craziest things I have ever observed.

The experience has been amazing so far. Completing Immigration and Customs formalities was a breeze. A lot easier than we expected. The Captain enjoyed being addressed "MASTER" All the required paperwork, which were several pages, requested, "Master's signature" he loved it! I'm sure I will not hear the end of this for quite some time!! The people are friendly and very focused on customer service. The water is beautiful! We are staying at the Grand Bahama Yacht Club which we highly recommend!

Mary is very happy and content in these waters. Look at the clearness. This is 13 feet deep water and you can see the bottom as if it was just a few inches deep. We saw starfish and sand dollars lying on the bottom, jelly fish swimming and the temp?? 78 wonderful degrees!! It's great being able to FINALLY shed the thermal underwear and fleece! Shorts and t-shirts today.

And yes this is a house!! It was one of the first sights we saw upon entering the Port of Lucaya.
Once again.. Thank you Mike for joining us. Having the extra person on board has decreased the amount of stress that would have been on board with out your help.
Peace and hugs to all!