Special Thanks & Soles For Little Souls Journey Begins

We had a great send off. Thanks to everyone for the warm wishes and friendships. Special thanks to Shannon for driving all night to get arrive in time to wish us off. Thanks also for the Zucchini bread and fudge which is only passed out at the Captain’s discretion, Thanks Jane for all your hard work for the past 2 years, for helping me prepare for the party, providing the WONDERFUL spinach dip and for becoming part of our home away from home, Mike for joining us on a portion of this trip as well as you and your families many donations to our dreams.. most of all your friendship.. thanks Carol for sharing Mike with us! Chris thanks for the plaque and don’t be jealous, you and Pam will live your dream soon enough, thank you Amber for the angel which now hangs next to Don’s Dad and Jerry’s pictures. It will always remind us that we are surrounded by guardian angels.. no worries! Dan and Sharon for the Bahaman and Jamaican treat.. we will add them to our scrapbook!! Janice for the DVD to give us something to do when we find ourselves bored! Gordy and Cynthia thank you for the excellent shoe donation, you both sent the children in the islands a blessing.. pay it forward! Gordy thanks for helping us with our dock lines at 1am! Only a true friend will get out of bed at that time of the day to toss dock lines! Shane thanks for all you have done with the web-site and being our go to guy! If we have forgot someone or something please forgive wasn’t done deliberately but please remember we have been touched by so many wonderful people and blessings it would take a book to say thank you to everyone!

Hard to believe this is finally happening!! Our dreams have materialized into reality.

Day One: Reality was a definite eye opener as we sailed through the night with a temperature in low 40s, nice 15-20 mph breeze, cruising across the water at an avg 6 knots. Mary was flying and we were freezing! Each had at least 3 layers of clothing on which included fleece and our foul weather gear, still freezing!

Eagles playing on the I-Pod… sea breeze blowing, dolphins dancing around and Lana sleeping away in the V-berth. This is a bit of a ritual for me.. I don’t sleep well when we are at dock but let Mary’s sails fly and off I go for the first 12 hours. It’s hypnotic.. lulls me to a true deep REM sleep. Of course I only do it when there is a 3rd person on board.. if it is only the Capt and myself.. I once again find it difficult to sleep well.

We flew all 3 sails, with easterly winds 15-20 knots, 1-2 foot seas.

More indepth details to come....