Provisioning & Preparation For Cruising

WOW it's hard to believe that we will be setting our sails in a mere 6 days. It has be a busy past 2 years and an esp a busy past month an half. It's amazing how as time constraints increase how our memories also improve... gotta do this, that and the other thoughts suddenly becomes a daily event especially at night when you are trying to get a few winks of sleep. To give everyone an idea of what we have done in the past 6 weeks here is a partial list:

  • We each had complete physicals head to toe. We are both in almost perfect health. Eye exams, lab draws, vital signs, mammogram, kidney sonogram and function, EKG, stress tests, the wonderful 24 hours holter monitors, and the best of all... colonoscopy for 2. ALL DONE!! Sorry no pictures for this one.. well we do have pics but not gonna share. Please don't be too disappointed.

Designed and built new hatch cover..not by choice! Thanks John!

Hauled Mary Rose out for a bottom job (which we did 90% of)

  • Installed arch supports, fishing pole, life ring and strobe light holders

  • Installed bun huggers

Painted cabin top

Applied new non-skid

  • Installed new stern shower

  • Installed new stainless steel anchor..Capt Don's new love!

Made and installed new bridle snubber

  • Made & installed 2 scuba tank holders

Visited family on the Farewell Tour

  • Provisioned Mary with approx 800 pounds of food
Now may I remind you that this was just a partial list!! On top of all of that we worked @ our real jobs. So I hope everyone understands and forgives the lack of blogs lately. It has been a lot of work but soon, very soon we will be sitting back soaking up the sun, playing with the kids, handing out shoes and beginning to make a dent in our very well stocked reading library. These activities are what will make all of this worth all the hard work we have been doing...one little souls smile. Everyone is welcome to come share part of this adventure with us. We will also have the knowledge now that we are in a safe and secure boat by being familiar with all systems.

Now let's chat a little bit about the "P" word.....Provisioning. This has been a chore. First, shopping for 6 months worth of food was exhausting enough, then add lugging it from the truck to the boat and then on to the boat.. was an experience, trust me, it cannot be described in words. I have tore Mary apart, re-arranged her and put her back together several times trying to figure out how to fit so much food and supplies on a 32 foot boat...the most important part was to find places that I wouldn't forget about.. you know one of those "where did I put that??" moments, I have tried very hard to avoid that as much as possible but I am sure I will experience a few of them. Finally after a little frustration, a couple of temper tantrums all the food is finally put away!! We will start out with fresh fruit, veggies and meat until we run out. At that point we have dried meat, canned tuna, chicken and salmon, salami, beans, rice, pasta, canned soup, peanut butter and

of course the Captain's Chips Ahoy.

We have plenty of juice and water aboard as well.

And of course candy for the kids for special occasions.

We purchased a pressure cooker to decrease the amount of time that is required to cook beans and rice. I must admit I have never used a pressure cooker although I did watch my grandmother several times use one, if that counts. I bought a cook book that has recipes especially designed for pressure cookers as well with many listed precautions. May I ask that you all keep special thoughts for us when I first use this thing that I don't blow the freshly painted cabin top off!

The plan at this moment is to leave the marina this upcoming Friday 01/15/2010 in the afternoon or evening so we will arrive in Marathon during daylight hours. We will do our best to keep the blog updated as frequently as we can.

Friends and family: we will miss you deeply and will be in our thoughts daily.

Everyone: please continue to follow the blog spot for updates as we enter into this new phase of our adventure.

Peace and love to all!!

Capt Don and Admiral Nelson