Yin and yang….

As we arrive at the commencement of a new season and begin to observe the trees transforming into their fall apparel it marks a time for reflection.

Our summer respite has been a mix of fulfillment and discontent, bliss and sadness, blessings and violation. One declaration that I must assert is adjusting back into American society has been a bit of a challenge for the Capt and me. Unbeknownst to us, the moment we docked Mary safely in her St Petersburg slip our quiet, peaceful, serene life was about to be slapped back to the reality of the bona fide world. The following is a brief synopsis of our summer of 2010.
Our initial plans were to disembark back to Florida sometime in June, I was to resume my dialysis job in St Petersburg while the Capt would begin a long list of items to upgrade and repair on Mary Rose V. Oblivious to us was that the seed of change was planted one breezy afternoon in the BVI. The Capt, I and visitor Bill Smith sat on the deck of Mary Rose V one sunny afternoon discussing our future aspirations and ambitions. The challenge began as Dr Bill Smith shared his story of his dream house that could not be completely built due to too many adversities. These adversities opened a path for the Capt to earn a little money while helping out a friend. Blessings abounding as always!
We cut our Haitian trip short and pointed Mary’s bow due north for the land of Florida. We arrived in Florida, prepared Mary for a well deserved rest, packed our bags, and headed our F150 north with a revised vision. It was a bittersweet moment as watched the swaying palm trees fading into the rearview mirror as we commenced one journey to begin another. Off we went to drop in on friends and family. Our plans were to go along the east coast and visit all of the Captain’s relatives. Years had passed since his last visit and as we all know, time tends to slide gently into the past and before we realize it years have passed, years that cannot ever be regained. This actuality made it even more important for the Captain to take this opportunity to visit distant but far from forgotten family.
Shortly after the commencement of our new journey the Captain received a phone call that his sister was severely ill and that we should hightail it to Illinois as quickly as we can. We shortened our visits, gave our hugs and well wishes to the Captains loved ones. We attempted to arrive in Illinois before precious time gently slipped away. We arrived a few minutes too late but we are sure that Katherine knew her baby brother was present for transition even if only in spirit. Katherine had already began her own new journey to meet those that have passed before her and were waiting on the other shore with open loving arms to welcome her home.
Next stop…. Kansas City!
My senses were robust upon our arrival to Kansas City; I was thrilled to finally be able to see my treasured family but I also still struggled with the broken memories that still reside on many corners in the Midwest. Not only will we need to deal with the brokenness of my heart but also the happily forgotten selfish aspects of this society. The tears came and went; the healing of my heart began and my feelings were replaced with disgust, disgust as to how so many in this society have grown lazy, who have grown into a group of people who are in constant search of hand outs with feelings of entitlement. These feelings came into focus when our truck was broke into and our possessions that would represent zilch to others but were taken any way out of the back of our truck. They took our boat papers, our passports, our bathroom items, and our clothes both clean and dirty…items that are worthless to others but priceless to us. How can our boat sit in Haiti, where people don’t have a pot to pee in and nobody dare touch our possessions, no attempts to steal anything or even trespass yet we are back in the United States one month and such a tragedy strike? This I have difficulty understanding.
The loss amplified our need to get back to work, back to our current reality; the urgent need to earn some well needed money. That meant for me back into the world of dialysis and the Captain to work with his friend Dr William Smith so he could assist him to accomplish his dream to finally have the opportunity to move into his dream house. The Captain was gung-ho to get this accomplished within budget and target date. This was fulfilling to the Captain not only because Bill was his friend but also because we both know so well the importance of living and fulfilling dreams.
Dr Smith had joined us in the BVI during our first adventure and while sitting on Mary Rose’s deck one lovely afternoon Dr Smith mentioned to the Captain all the woes that he had experienced during his attempts to complete this home. He explained that workers had come and gone, he was being consistently over charged for hours worked and services rendered and really needed someone he could trust to oversee the completion of this project. Dr Smith, knowing the extensive knowledge of craftsmanship that the Captain has demonstrated in the past as he had graciously noted in his previous blog post back in 2009 it was all but right to offer the position to the Captain. It was very thoughtful for Dr Smith to allow us the opportunity to help him out so that we can share the wealth with our Haitian friends. Not only did Dr Smith extend his generosity to the Haitian people but he also gave my daughter and her boyfriend an opportunity to work and make a little extra money to help them make ends meet. We can only hope now that the project is completed that Bill enjoys his dream home and the many special touches that the Captain provided to his home. Our wish for Dr Smith is that he finds many years of peace and serenity next to his beautiful waterfall. The monies made will be used to sponsor the Haitian children with their schooling as well as the purchase of vegetable seeds for the Haitian people’s gardens.
Part of living our dream includes the accountability that is required to achieve our dream. I have developed an understanding over the years that we are right where we are meant to be every moment of every day. I have also developed a belief that the Capt and I have many riches far beyond financial wealth, we have our health, and we have cherished friends and family that love us greatly and we are surrounded by blessing and angels where we are. We are auspicious enough to be living our dream which many financially wealthy people can only envy. I must be reminiscent frequently that rarely do dreams ever come true just by wishing; they involve work, compromise, and most of all patience which I can’t deny I intensely lack.
The Capt and I have to remind ourselves at times that the present situation is nothing more than a stepping stone that is gradually leading us back to the ocean and back to the people that we feel so drawn to.

I have spread my dreams beneath your feet. Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.
W.B. Yeats

Make one person happy each day and in 40 years you will have made 14600 human beings happy for a little while at least.

Congradulations to Shannon and William!!!