Safe Arrival | Isle La Vache | Haiti

We arrived safely and had a wonderful sail from Isla Bieta, Dominican Republic to Isle La Vache, Haiti. We will wait here for the perfect weather windo for the LOOOOOOOOONG Passage through the Windward Passage and the Old Bahama Channel on the North Coast of Cuba. This passage will take 5 - 7 days of continuous non-stop sailing. We will try to get the blog up to date while we are here in Isle La Vache, Haiti. This is a very beautiful and charming place.

Don and Lana


Eric said...

Your article about your plans to donate shoes etc touched me deeply and broke my heart. For the next 45 minutes I searched through your blog to find out what became of your plans but found nothing. Did it ever happen?
You seem like honest and kind people. I am a very broke house painter with two kids who live in a trailer and don't have much money but If you are going to do what you planned I would like to donate a small amount. It won't be as big of a donation as you're probably used to but it's all I can do for now. How can I get the donation to you?
ericolander at rocketmail dot com

CaptainDon said...


Thank you for the kind message on our blog. We are now in Haiti and donating medical supplies. This voyage has been one of mostly discovery and to trial the boat. We have given several pairs of shoes to children and will leave a large donation of medical supplies here in Haiti that will be documented on the blog in the near future. If you are still interested in making a donation we will provide you with an address where you can mail a check. Thanks for you kindness.

Don and Lana