Ile La Vache | Haiti

This post will be just one in a series of blog postings on Ile La Vache. We arrived at Port Morgan after sailing about 27 hours from Isla Beata, Dominican Republic. Port Morgan is a wonderful well protected bay on the Northwest side of the island. In fact the name of this anchorage comes from the famous pirate “Captain Morgan” that visited this site often in the past. We love this place and intend to visit it again on our next voyage. There is no electricity or running water on the island. Time stands still here with a very simple way of life. The people are warm and inviting. Many individuals have brought food and gifts to our boat without expecting anything in return. They arrive in there dugout canoes that are hand hewn from a single large log and stand politely along the side of the boat to talk with us. The language here is Creole and French. We do not speak the language but manage to communicate enough to make do. We are trying to learn the language a little each day. There are many needs here on the island. In no particular order they include, medical supplies, tools, diapers, formula, money for primary education, water purification tablets and much much more. The children here must pay to go to primary and secondary school. We intend to sponsor several individuals and pay for there school for one year before we leave. The cost is about $50 per year per child. We invite you to participate if you wish. We will be here a few more days as we wait for favorable weather to make the several day passage from here to the Florida Keys and on to St Petersburg. The Admiral will be posting on our recent visit to an orphanage on the island and a walk through the pages of National Geographic as we visited the local market. More to come soon!


Anonymous said...

Ahoy Donny Boy, been following your adventures and posts on a regular basis.

After the earthquake wanted to donate money to Haiti but could not find a legitmate place I was comfortable with. Well you may have sailed into one. Your description of the Orphanage and how you felt there is moving.

So where does one address aid checks or money orders to?

Keep Blogging,

Tony Schultz

CaptainDon said...

Hi Tony, Corruption is well founded in the local culture in Haiti. We found relief supplies being sold by government officials. Please send me an email and I will send you the information for donations. I sincerely appreciate your help. We are returning to Haiti when we leave this fall and will be better prepared for the work that needs to be done there.