Back In St Pete, FL

Hello to all and thanks for continuing to follow and support our mission. We have completed the shake down cruise and have arrived back in St Petersburg FL. It is bittersweet moment we missed our friends and loved ones deeply but now we will miss the journey and our new friends that we have met. Currently we are preparing to hunker down for hurricane season while we both re-enter the work force in Kansas City for the next few months at which point we will return to St Pete and prepare ourselves and Mary Rose for the next chapter of our journey. We will continue to post blogs through out the summer and as requested will include a blog to describe how we have changed and grown over the past 5 months both as a team and individually. We hope to be able to spend plenty of time with our friends and loved ones during this intermission. As for Mary Rose...she is tired, she worked hard and we are very proud of her! We have a few repairs to make to Mary Rose before we resume our dream, nothing major. Her sails are slightly torn from the persistent, relentless trade winds, we developed a minor water leak around her muffler and we must install a SSB for weather. If there were any regrets it would be that we did not have a SSB radio on board so we would have sufficient ability to adequately monitor the weather. Mary performed well, max speed recorded was 10.6 knots (not bad for a wetsnail!!!!!!) One gale storm with 40+ knot winds and 12-13 ft confused seas that required us to hunker down below while Mary danced in the wind and waves alone. Never once did we ever feel threatened or unsafe.

Once again thanks to our friends and family for understanding our need to follow this dream!

We wish everyone love, tranquillity, and joy

Capt Don and Admiral Nelson

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Jeff Leo said...

Welcome Back! Glad everything worked out well and the boat handled the journey without incident! KC will seem kinda different dontcha think?