A Well Deserved Day Of Fun


We started our day today by sleeping in. After a nice lazy morning we took the water taxi to town. While there we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast @ Zorba’s. The employees were welcoming, they were exceedingly focused on customer service and the food was superior as well as served in hefty quantities. Bit of advice if you find yourself in Freeport Grand Bahamas and are looking for a great place to eat we highly recommend Zorba’s. Words of advice… eat breakfast and/or a late lunch since prices for dinner almost doubles after 4pm.

We meet a few new friends along the way…

Then Don and Mike proceeded to catch the city bus so they could go shopping for a few items. Engine oil was on the list (cost $30/gallon, lesson learned: make sure you consider the amount of oil required for oil changes while provisioning) & steel fishing leaders since something kept biting our 30 pound leader off and taking our bait.

While the guys went to town I went on my dolphin adventure. The dolphins were beautiful and just what I had imagined. The water was very cold even with scuba skins on but there was nothing that could have kept me out of that lagoon. I was going to finally have my dolphin encounter no matter the circumstances… even cold water!

Later that evening we all met back at the marina and played Dominos. May I say that Mike spanked the “Master” Captain…. final score Mike 252, Master 517!

Stellar day!!

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