How To Secure Cabinets in Westsail

First, let me whine for a moment.... Its sooo cold here in Florida that the many fish are swimming around Mary Rose on top of the water ... SIDEWAYS to soak up a little of the warmth from the sun. Now that is COLD! Yes I realize that it is even colder in other places.. but this is FLORIDA! Low tonight... 23 Burrrrrrrrr

Now lets chat about how Capt Don secured our cabinets to prevent opening while on open water. We had many conversations on how to secure these door, inside latches, running bungee cord through, hook latches.. etc etc etc.. We finally agreed on brass slide latches. To install the latches he drilled a hole in the side of the door (which made me extremely nervous) and then secured brass slide latches to the wood frame. They slide easily and the doors are very secure against anything on the inside slamming around if we ever find ourselves in rough waters. Once again... the Capt made a wise choice and the project when with any kinks.

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