Fruit and Veggie Storage Tips For Cruising

After much reading of several articles and books here are some of the suggestions that I came away with that I feel may be helpful. If anyone has other idea and thoughts please feel free to share.


Apples: Tart green apples last the longest. Cut off bruised areas and rub with lemon juice. Do not store with citrus as this will increase the ripening process. Avg shelf life 4-5 weeks. Will last longer if stored in dark well ventilated area.

Oranges: Wipe down with a mild bleach solution to slow down mold development. If mold does develop re-wipe with mild bleach solution. Don't store with apples. Store in a dark cool space that has ventilation. Avg shelf life is 4-5 weeks.

Melons: Purchase unripe. Rub the end knob and smell if sweet smelling then it is too ripe you can also press in and if soft it is too ripe. Avg shelf life is 5-6 days

Pineapples: Purchase when green, store upright position. Avg shelf life is 2-3 weeks

Bananas: Buy when green. Interesting tip I read is that bananas on the same hand ripen at the same time so it is best to pick a single banana off different hands to spread out the ripening time. Sunshine slows down the ripening process. If you do purchase a hand of bananas you should dip the hand in salt water for approx 2 minutes this will eliminate any spiders or bugs that may be hiding in the stalk. Avg shelf life is 7-10 days.

Avocados and Mangos: Purchase when hard and green without any soft areas. Store Mangos in separate containers to avoid the sticky excretions from getting on your other fruits. Avg shelf life 2 weeks

Lemons: Purchase lightly green and wrap in aluminium foil. Avg shelf life is 30 days

Limes: Small ones last longer. Are good even when the skin becomes hard and brown. Avg shelf life 40-45 days


Potatoes: Try to purchase potatoes that are round, the more irregular the quicker they rot. Removes eyes as they develop. Store with apples as this will retard sprouting. Do not store with onions as this has the reverse process. Store in a dry dark area. Avg shelf life is 1-2 months

Onions: Stow uncovered. Squeeze the yellow and purple onions in all directions checking for any soft areas. They should be solid all the way around. Avg shelf life is 1-2 months

Squash: The longest lasting is the butternut and acorn squash. Best to buy the smallest ones you can find so they will be used up at one meal since once cut they don't last very long. Avg shelf life is 2 months

Cabbage: Store out in the open, don't let them touch each other as this speeds up the rotting process. Leave the leaves on as long as possible don't remove if they dry out only remove moldy or slimy leaves. Leave the stem on as well as long as you can. Cut the stem as it becomes black or soft. Avg shelf life is 1 month

Tomatoes: Purchase in various ripening processes. Store the green one below the ripe ones. Wrap each one in paper towels Avg shelf life is 1 month

Carrots: Store with out the tops on. If they become limp peel and soak in water to make them crisp again. Avg shelf life is 2 weeks

Lettuce: Purchase firm heads. Leave leaves intact until they become slimy. Cut away the stem as it begins to rot.

This is all I have for the moment... get back with me in 6 months and I am sure I will have new suggestions or ideas.

Sail on!!

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