Old Tampa Bay Waterspout

Nature is a wonderful gift and the amazing part of this gift is how simple it is to receive. I recently realized how easy it is for me to get wrapped up in this thing we call life. I think at some point we all get wrapped up in everyday living and end up missing so many of the little things that can warm our hearts, intrigue our minds and bring a smile to our faces.

Just the other day, while Don and I were traveling via car over the Old Tampa Bay Bridge I looked to my right to assess the formation of some ominous looking clouds. As I watched I noticed a tail-like formation begin to drop down from these clouds. It wasn't much to look at but it was unusual. As I observed this tail I noticed that it began to grow, at this point I brought it to the Captain's attention. He thought it was a waterspout forming... we both unison said, "Let's go follow it!" So off we went!! Waterspout chasers!! The enthusiasm in the truck was off the charts! We followed the side roads that took us through neighborhoods trying to find the shoreline. At last water!! We sat in the truck and watched in awe as we saw at least 4 waterspouts form and dissipate. There was one that really caught out attention.... we both sat speechless as the waterspout began methodically dancing back into the clouds... the spray from the water was moving in slow circular motions. The sun tried to break through the thick low hanging clouds to cast it's light and in doing so gave this view a miraculous blessing. It appeared as if there were angels dancing in the atmosphere... mid-air... it was a spectacular vision! Our first waterspout blessing! Then the show was over. We returned to the bridge to continue on to our destination.

As we drove there was a silence in the truck that was abruptly broken as Capt Don declares, "Look there is another waterspout!" Low and behold there it is.. A HUGE waterspout heading right for us as we and many others pull to the side of the bridge to admire this bold powerful circulating vortex that is slowly drifting across the water. It moved with grace as it approached the bridge approximately 100 feet in front of us. What an amazing site!

No injuries, no damage just a wonderful gift.

Peace and love to all!!