Sailboat - Boom Gallows - Arch Support

In previous posts we have mentioned that one of the remaining major projects was a new boom gallows/arch. This structure will be the support infrastructure for the boom gallows, three solar panels on articulating arms, High Definition Radar, GPS, secondary VHF antennae, cockpit light, stern spot light, stern navigation light, and more. All wiring will be internal through the legs of the arch. We are holding off replacement of the stern hawse pipes so we can through bolt the legs through the cap rail. We will also be able to access the wiring through the hawse holes until the hawse pipes are replaced.

These photos are just the base of the support without any of the additional supporting pieces for the radar, solar, etc. This will just give you an idea of where we are with this project. We have been working on getting the design just right and it has taken much longer than we ever expected. More photos of the additional steps will be posted as we progress. Please leave your

comments here on the blog.