Trip To Kansas City

During our recent absence from updating the blog we had a week-end trip to Kansas City to take care of some business and visit friends and family. Unfortunately we were not able to visit everyone since we flew in on a Friday afternoon and out Sunday morning. It made for a very rushed trip.. we apologize to those we did not have the opportunity to visit... does not mean we love you all less just the time restraints made it impossible to fit everyone in.

Capt Don's good friends Mike & Carol DeGeorge are wonderful... they opened their home for the night to Capt Don. Capt Don left the DeGeorges a gift of smiles, giggles and monkeys on the guest bed. Leave it to Capt Don to always leave those he loves with a smile and giggle.

This allowed me a nite with my daughter Jess, her sweetie Manny and my granddaughter Lilly.

While Don was visiting Mike and Carol... I was busy entertaining my 2 year old granddaughter Lillian aka Lilly. We watched the movie Walle over and over.. last count was 5 times. I also took this opportunity to have a cooking lesson with my daughter Jessica as well as Lilly.

Capt Don and I then spent the next nite with my Aunt and Grandmother playing dominoes.. Capt Don whooped us all!!

Good memories.. good times. We love and miss you all!!