Yacht Sales Cafe Caters Admiral Nelson's Birthday

Kudos to those who have sent us e-mails and comments regarding the neglect of the blogspot! We are guilty as charged. So over the next couple of days I will bring everyone up to date as to what has been happening in Capt Don's and Admiral Lana's world.

In Dec Admiral Nelson celebrated her birthday... I cannot disclose my age since I really did stop counting after age 24...

As many of you are aware this birthday marked the first year of a very traumatic event in my life. I attempted to pretend that I was going to be strong and not let my emotions overwhelm me but inside my heart was breaking. Capt Don ...the astute being that he is.. knew I was struggling so he secretly planned one of the best birthdays I can remember.

The morning of my birthday we slept in... which is always a treat. All day Capt Don kept the anticipation rising by giving me little hints of something special pending in the upcoming hours. By afternoon we headed to the Yacht Sales Cafe... "for a beer before dinner." We sat in the cafe while the owners Phill and Jennie Craine and Jeremy ran around the cafe .. they appeared to be a little too busy since there were no customers in the cafe but I didn't think too much about it.

After a while I was escorted to the upper balcony of the Harborage Marina where a table for 2 was set. Flowers, candles and a bottle of wine awaited us.

Here we had a wonderful dinner prepared by the Yacht Sales Cafe and of course birthday cake. After dinner Capt Don presented me with my birthday gift... something I have wanted for many... many.. many years but one of those things that feels like a splurge so I never bought myself....
a Native American flute inlaid with turquoise... it is beautiful!

Now as we are sailing across the water I can sit on Mary's bow and listen to the beat of my soul and play my flute!

Thank you Capt Don for being in my heart so much that you know me better than I know myself sometimes!!

Please remember to view all of our pictures at http://www.dreamsfollowed.shutterfly.com/

Peace and love to all!