Hauling Out Mary Rose V - Westsail 32

We have heard from many of you that our blog is long over due for an update. Well the reason for no recent updates is not for lack of activity but becasue we have been very very busy. We have both been working long hard hours at JOBS and also on our Yacht Mary Rose. Since our last post we have completely refinished all of the teak brightwork, painted the cabin top and non-skid areas. We have also installed new mast pulpits, SCUBA tank holders, dinghy outboard engine brackets, life ring, swim ladder, new toilet in the head and much much more.
Today we hauled Mary Rose out of the water to paint the hull below the water line, service the through hull seacocks and paint the water line boot stripe to match the new whale stripe in dark blue.
Here are a few photos to give you an idea of the scope and type of work completed.


Anonymous said...

I remember those days now with fondness. Not so much at the time though. One small point. In the picture I noticed the boss wearing her wedding rings. That can be a very dangerous thing. I have seen many many injuries including de-gloving-( it just strips all the skin and muscle off the finger). Even through a glove. Most times the damage is so bad you lose the use of the finger if not the whole finger. For work around the yard safest and best practice is to take the rings off while working. Old ER RN. Ken

CaptainDon said...

Thanks for the good advice old ER RN Ken................Capt Don