Priorities and Life Balance - Time out for a Family Gathering

Lana and I recently took time out for family and journeyed to Cheyenne, Wyoming. It was a great trip! All of my children were there as well as all of my grandchildren. It was great to have them all together.

Back Row Left to Right, Jeff (Don's Son), Shannon(Don's Daughter), Shane (Don's Son), Captain Don

Second Row from Top Left to Right, Zack (Son of Jeff), Diana (Mother of Jeff, Shelly, Shane, Shannon), Shelly (Don's Daughter), Cory (Jeff's Son)

Third Row from Top, Maia (Shelly's Daughter), Alex (Shannon's Son), Kellen (Shelly's Son), Sadie (Shelly's Daughter), LeeAnn (Shannon's Daughter), In Front of Sadie is Camdon (Shelly's Son)

There were two major events that brought us all together. Shelly graduated from the Registered Nurse Program and she also was Married. Shelly worked very hard and graduated with honors. She faced many obstacles and challenges as she worked toward her degree.

In addition to the major events for the weekend there were spa treatment, baseball games and band concerts.

All the grandchildren came to Shannon's hotel and we had a pizza/swim party. A very aggressive game of dodgeball/keep away soon formed and went on until everyone was exhausted.

Being the Captain of the ship, I felt this would be a good time for some crew training.

As you can see, not everyone was compliant.

This was a great visit and hopefully it will hold us over until we are all together again after the big voyage.

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