New Vinyl Boat Name Lettering and Font

While in Miami at the International Boat show we saw the booth that offered vinyl boat lettering by the name of http://www.myboatsign.com/ and http://www.gulfstreamgear.com/ At their booth we saw an old world font that the Captain and I absolutely loved.

<-------Stern (before)

<------Stern (after)

We have wanted to update the font on Mary Rose for quite some time but it was one of those items that we kept bumping to the bottom of our list.

<------Bow (before)

<-------Bow (after)

Well.... since I was Sharon Stone (long story) and the Capt was a vendor... they made us an offer that was kind of hard to say no to... they performed some quick movements on the computer, typed away on the keyboard, changed a few things around.. adjusted the colors and size on the screen as we stood by, The whole process took less than 30 minutes then Tadaaaaaa! There on the computer screen was what soon would become Mary's new font.

I.. Admiral Nelson, went to work as soon as possible removing all the old lettering while Capt Don worked at his other job. Then on his day off... together we went to work scrubbing and cleaning Mary's hull preparing to make her even more beautiful than before.

Please enjoy the before and after pics and please ... please share your thoughts.. we love hearing from everyone! Peace, love and tranquil waters!!


Anonymous said...

Yep, it looks great. Nice upgrade! Did you pick-up a bullseye decal for the bottom of the head?

Jessica said...

i like the lettering a lot better