Overdue Update!

We have heard from family and friends that we need to update our blog. We are on week 41 of our countdown calender and we are working hard on stacking up the freedom chips ($$$$$$) for our voyage. The Admiral has been working very long hours and started physical training boot camp to work on the "prepare self" part of our plan. The captain has a very long list of "handyman" projects to complete for clients. One of them was finishing the teak on a very nice sport fishing boat and then I picked up a client that has several rental properties. Next month we are both going to the Miami boat show. Don will be delivering a luxury Hanse sailing yacht to the show for a local broker and the Admiral will drive and join him for the show. Don will be sailing back from the show with our dear friend from Kansas City, Bill Smith. All we can say is we are very blessed as our plan is coming together very well. All that we have asked for has materialized so far. We certainly hope this is an ongoing trend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We just received post cards from Mike and Hayley Mathes as they crossed into the Antarctic circle on an ice breaker. Hayley is Don's (unofficial) adopted baby sister and they live in Hawaii. We plan to visit them on our voyage. We will update a bit more often as we get on with the final scheduled renovations.

1. Solar

2. Wind

3. Support arch

4. White oak head liner

5. Hull insulatation

6. New digital depth monitor

7. New bottom paint

There will also be much to write about as we place our supplies and stores aboard for our voyage.

And we can assure you that there will also be more overdue updates!!!!!!


Shane Montgomery said...

looking back? will you write an article describing how your perceptions have either changed or stayed the same about the adventures from about one year ago?

Shane Montgomery said...

update your blog -- dmontgomery