Trip To Kansas City

During our recent absence from updating the blog we had a week-end trip to Kansas City to take care of some business and visit friends and family. Unfortunately we were not able to visit everyone since we flew in on a Friday afternoon and out Sunday morning. It made for a very rushed trip.. we apologize to those we did not have the opportunity to visit... does not mean we love you all less just the time restraints made it impossible to fit everyone in.

Capt Don's good friends Mike & Carol DeGeorge are wonderful... they opened their home for the night to Capt Don. Capt Don left the DeGeorges a gift of smiles, giggles and monkeys on the guest bed. Leave it to Capt Don to always leave those he loves with a smile and giggle.

This allowed me a nite with my daughter Jess, her sweetie Manny and my granddaughter Lilly.

While Don was visiting Mike and Carol... I was busy entertaining my 2 year old granddaughter Lillian aka Lilly. We watched the movie Walle over and over.. last count was 5 times. I also took this opportunity to have a cooking lesson with my daughter Jessica as well as Lilly.

Capt Don and I then spent the next nite with my Aunt and Grandmother playing dominoes.. Capt Don whooped us all!!

Good memories.. good times. We love and miss you all!!


Yacht Sales Cafe Caters Admiral Nelson's Birthday

Kudos to those who have sent us e-mails and comments regarding the neglect of the blogspot! We are guilty as charged. So over the next couple of days I will bring everyone up to date as to what has been happening in Capt Don's and Admiral Lana's world.

In Dec Admiral Nelson celebrated her birthday... I cannot disclose my age since I really did stop counting after age 24...

As many of you are aware this birthday marked the first year of a very traumatic event in my life. I attempted to pretend that I was going to be strong and not let my emotions overwhelm me but inside my heart was breaking. Capt Don ...the astute being that he is.. knew I was struggling so he secretly planned one of the best birthdays I can remember.

The morning of my birthday we slept in... which is always a treat. All day Capt Don kept the anticipation rising by giving me little hints of something special pending in the upcoming hours. By afternoon we headed to the Yacht Sales Cafe... "for a beer before dinner." We sat in the cafe while the owners Phill and Jennie Craine and Jeremy ran around the cafe .. they appeared to be a little too busy since there were no customers in the cafe but I didn't think too much about it.

After a while I was escorted to the upper balcony of the Harborage Marina where a table for 2 was set. Flowers, candles and a bottle of wine awaited us.

Here we had a wonderful dinner prepared by the Yacht Sales Cafe and of course birthday cake. After dinner Capt Don presented me with my birthday gift... something I have wanted for many... many.. many years but one of those things that feels like a splurge so I never bought myself....
a Native American flute inlaid with turquoise... it is beautiful!

Now as we are sailing across the water I can sit on Mary's bow and listen to the beat of my soul and play my flute!

Thank you Capt Don for being in my heart so much that you know me better than I know myself sometimes!!

Please remember to view all of our pictures at http://www.dreamsfollowed.shutterfly.com/

Peace and love to all!


Overdue Update!

We have heard from family and friends that we need to update our blog. We are on week 41 of our countdown calender and we are working hard on stacking up the freedom chips ($$$$$$) for our voyage. The Admiral has been working very long hours and started physical training boot camp to work on the "prepare self" part of our plan. The captain has a very long list of "handyman" projects to complete for clients. One of them was finishing the teak on a very nice sport fishing boat and then I picked up a client that has several rental properties. Next month we are both going to the Miami boat show. Don will be delivering a luxury Hanse sailing yacht to the show for a local broker and the Admiral will drive and join him for the show. Don will be sailing back from the show with our dear friend from Kansas City, Bill Smith. All we can say is we are very blessed as our plan is coming together very well. All that we have asked for has materialized so far. We certainly hope this is an ongoing trend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We just received post cards from Mike and Hayley Mathes as they crossed into the Antarctic circle on an ice breaker. Hayley is Don's (unofficial) adopted baby sister and they live in Hawaii. We plan to visit them on our voyage. We will update a bit more often as we get on with the final scheduled renovations.

1. Solar

2. Wind

3. Support arch

4. White oak head liner

5. Hull insulatation

6. New digital depth monitor

7. New bottom paint

There will also be much to write about as we place our supplies and stores aboard for our voyage.

And we can assure you that there will also be more overdue updates!!!!!!


Happy New Year From The Bow of Mary Rose

Let the light of our presence be flung across the year to come as our shadow is flung backwards over the past year hiding all of our troubles, sorrows and disappointments.
Dwell not on the past and fear not the future.

Happy New Year from the bow of Mary Rose in St Pete, FL!!