From The Pulpit!

We refitted Mary Rose with a new bow pulpit last week. You will notice in the before photos that Mary had a very short single rail pulpit on the nose of a very long bow sprit. There were safety concerns with the original pulpit for crew going forward. We decided to have a custom two rail bow pulpit built to increase safety at sea.

Remember the three rules?

1. Keep the water out.
2. Keep the people in the boat.
3. Don't hit any hard stuff around the edges.

This project clearly deals with rule #2. As with all boat projects, you can never do just one thing. There are so many systems, devices and structural components that are tied together that one involves many. So to say we refit Mary with a new bow pulpit is a gross understatement. With the refit we also replaced the old incandescent bow navigation lights with a really slick tiny LED. It will use only a fraction of the energy to light and it is a two mile light replacing a one mile light. We also had to alter the length of the stainless steal cable life lines that were replaced by the new extended pulpit. Since we had to pull the roller furler for the head sail, we had to tune the rig. While we had the old pulpit off we took the time to refinish the teak on the bow platform. She looks really snappy now and is a very safe boat for working the front deck at sea.

We are down to a very short list of remaining work.
1. Install a new boom gallow.
2. Install a new Stern tower to support wind generation, solar panels and radar.
3. Install wind generation.
4. Install solar panels.
5. Install charge controllers for solar and wind.

We will be leaving on our multi year extended cruise in 52 weeks.

Mike DeGeorge and his father will be here this weekend so we can give Mary an multi day sea trial to test the new systems.

We will all enjoy the view from the New Pulpit!

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