The Little Things in Life

Amazing how we can sometimes become so wrapped up in the seemly unimportant things of life and forget how important the small things can be. During a recent visit with my son and grandon, Haiden. Haiden reminded me just how important the small things are. Going for a walk, running barefoot in the rain, standing under a tree in silence as we listen and watch the rain fall (without thunder & lightening of course), sitting on the dock fishing at sunset, falling asleep sitting up from sheer exhaustion, hugs, kisses and I love yous. The excitement of learning something new... (congratulations Haiden for learning how to swim!!) Thanks to Capt Don for the swimming instructions.
Thank you all for your friendship, support, encouragement, love and hugs.
Rule number one: don't sweat the small stuff
Rule number two: It;s all small stuff
Love life and most of all remember..
... it all works out in the end as it is meant to be.
Happy wishes to all