Rewire project complete!

Thanks to all of the faithful blog readers for your emails asking for updates on the rewire project. It was 99% complete last Friday night. Lana's son and family arrived on Saturday so we have been beaching it and site seeing for the past week and have been away from the computer. After Brandon returned to KC the Admiral and I joined my youngest daughter Shannon, her two children and my Son Shane along with his wife Cristina on the emerald coast near Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Shannon rented a 6,000 sq ft beach home and needed some help filling the bedrooms. So we were happy to oblige. We had a great week of R&R after 3 long weeks of crawling around every nook and cranny of the boat pulling new wires and hooking up new stuff to the new power panel.

The photos show the new panel along with the old panel and the backside of the new panel to give you an idea of the amount of circuits involved in a boat of this size. I also took the opportunity to upgrade several items while doing the rewire. We installed an auxiliary bilge pump as an emergency backup with alarm. This pump has a capacity of 3700 gallons per hour versus 2000 gallons per hour of the primary. Of course we hope we never have to use the emergency backup pump but it is prudent to have it ready in case we need it.

One really nifty upgrade was hooking the flatscreen TV directly to 12 volt DC. So now we can check the news when we are at anchor. We also have a DVD player attached so we can watch movies also.

The only wires we did not replace were the internal wires in the mast and the cabin lights. I checked the voltage drop on the cabin lights wire and it was well within the limits of acceptable drop. I did wire all the way up to the mast base but the mast internal wires will have to wait until I can lower the mast and do the job right.

The next major projects are new alternator on the engine and engine rewire, install a the wind generator, solar panels, water maker and a new keel cooled refrigeration system. When these items are complete we will be ready to take off this winter for a month or two in the Caribbean for a long term sea trial of our systems.

I plan to work on my handyman projects the entire month of July to replenish the funds and then start in again in August on the boat projects. Of course there are some small projects that can be completed in the evenings and on weekends such as minor wood refinish on the cabin top.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our dear friends that have made generous donations to the Jerr Bear project that will help us deliver shoes to children along the way. If you would like to know more about this project just look for the FAQ's posted in May.

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Have a great day!

Cap'n Don