Welcome to Florida Jess & Lilly!!

Sorry to all about the lack of posts. Captain Don is correct in his post .. we have been very busy with work and Mary Rose. Everything is falling into place as it should just not as quickly as we would like. Something we have come to understand is we are right where we are meant to be at the present time and we are surrounded by those that are meant to be in our lives. What a wonderful way to look at life! Sure takes away a lot of stress. I have made a great friend since our move to St Pete, her name is Peggy Rodgers. Peggy and her husband Kenny have grown to have a special place in our lives. I recently found myself a little homesick and frustrated, Peggy saw this change in me and decided to make me an offer. Here was her offer, "Get out of the funk and I will fly your daughter and grand daughter here to St Pete for the week-end" What an offer huh? But of course I declined until she explained that Kenny works for the airlines and we could bring them on a Buddy Pass!! Now the light began to shine again! I was going to have my beautiful 19 month granddaughter and daughter come and visit! Just the thought uplifted my spirits instantly! The next week-end I was walking on the beach with Lilly and Jess... I was in heaven! It was a short but wonderful visit. Thank you Peggy and Kenny for the time it took to arrange this visit on such short notice!! My son will be coming hopefully next week-end if all goes well!! Life is good and we do have certain people brought into our lives for reasons!
For those of you who have not met my daughters and are wondering who the 3rd person is in one of the pics.. it is my oldest daughter Amber (aka Daisy) who attends the International Academy of Art & Design in Tampa FL where she is studing fashion design.