Toilet Training!

It has been a while since we have posted and more than a few of you have let us know that we are long over due. We have been busy working our jobs for freedom chips and also working on the Mary Rose. We will have more posts later with photos showing some of the work and upgrades.

When Mike DeGeorge was here for his visit he mentioned that he thought something was wrong with the head. Head is the toilet in sailing jargon for all you land lubbers. Well I just happened to have a Master Repair kit for the GROCO HF Marine Sanitation Pump. Now really how hard can it be to put in some new flappers, o-rings, and gaskets? I mean after all I am qualified to repair SCUBA regulators, I surely can handle a lil ol pump. Well, I am here to tell you that it is not all that simple. If things are too loose, they leak. If things are too tight, they leak. If things are just right, they still sometimes leak. So it is more of an art than a science. I learned a lot doing this maintenance procedure. All you get is a kit with replacement parts and a piece of paper with an exploded view of the entire mechanism. Then you have to figure out how to do it and how tight to make things or how loose to leave them. The main cylinder had a crack in it and it was not one of the parts in the replacement kit. I went to the local marine salvage yard and found one that seemed to be in good condition. After some trial and error all is well and we have a working head now.

Next on the list........

1. complete the caulking project in progress.

2. install an air conditioner.

3. paint the whale stripe.

4. strip, sand and refinish the cap rail and rub rail.

5. install a new energy management panel

6. install a wind generator.

7. install solar panels

8. insulate the refrigeration box.

9. install a new refrigeration compressor, condenser and evaporator.

10. There are more items but this is the short list.

Of course we will take photos and post the details as soon as they are available. We are doing well and are at least on schedule with upgrades and repairs and may even be a little ahead of schedule. We would like to push off by November 2009.