Mary Rose Recieves Dialysis!

Yes it is true! This is a brief update on what we have been working on. If you have been following the blog for a while you will remember some of the major projects that we wished to complete this year before an extended cruise after this year's tropical storm season.

The short "A" list of projects that remain is:
1. A Two rail extended bow pulpit.
2. New stern enclosure that will accommodate solar and wind energy generation.
3. New reserve fuel tank installation.
4. Installation of solar and wind generation.

We have been very busy since our weekend shake down cruise a few weeks ago. This post will document the new fuel filtering system that in now completely installed and working. One of the malfunctions that occurred during our sea trial was the diesel injector pump. I noticed a small amount of diesel fuel on the top surface of the pump. I decided to remove it and take it in for repair. I am so glad we did. It needed to be completely rebuilt. The repairman was shocked that the engine was still running because the pump was in such poor condition. So we now have a new rebuilt injector pump and all four injectors were rebuilt as well. They have all been replaced but we have not started the engine because the manifold is still off waiting for the installation of the new fuel tank on the port side of the engine compartment.
Another new major modification is the addition of an electronic method of shutting down the engine from the cockpit. The previous method required us to go to the companion way and reach inside the galley and pull a "T" handle to shut down the engine. We can now do that with the push of a button from the cockpit. This modification required a bit of engineering and design. We installed a solenoid and built a bracket to mount it on the engine block. The next thing was to bend a threaded rod so that it snaked through the fuel injection lines to the shut off lever on the throttle control of the new injector pump. It works perfectly and can't wait to try it out on the next sail.
We also replaced the cabinet tops in the head and the galley. We will post on each of these projects with pics later.
Now on to the new fuel management system. The new system allows us to dialyze our fuel to make it free of contaminates and water. We can do this any time the engine is not running. One of the major problems with diesel fuel is that it builds contaminates over time while sitting in the tank. These contaminates generally settle to the bottom of the tank and sit there until you are in rough water and then get agitated and mixed with the fuel. These contaminates then clog your fuel filter and choke your engine off due to fuel starvation just when you need it the most. Then you have to head to the engine compartment and try to replace the clogged filter while the boat is pitching violently in rough seas. Not a good option and not necessary if you can prevent it. So this system is one of prevention. I also added a vacuum gauge to the filter so we will know when the filter is becoming clogged and change it before there is a problem.
So Mary Rose is in fact receiving Dialysis treatments

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