Enough Already!

Hi to all!! We hope this new post finds everyone healthy, happy and peaceful. As for us.. we continue to stay focused and work hard to prepare for our journey. I was preparing dinner one evening when something occurred to me ... not sure if any of you have noticed this as well but most of the work we have done to Mary recently has been mechanical as well as focusing on keeping the water out. Yes .. yes I understand the importance of it all.. but what about my moldy galley and poorly functional head?? Enough already I told the Capt one day... let's do something pretty for Mary!! The Capt being the understanding fellow he is... accommodated my request as we continue to wait for the new fuel tank to arrive. We went to a private cabinet maker here in St Pete, L & R Cabinets...Thanks Ron for all your wonderful help!! Ron just happened to have some scrap laminate that we loved. He sold it to us at a very reasonable price. We took him the measurements and he trimmed it for us as well as offered many helpful ideas for installing it. We then went to Lowe's in search of a back splash... we just couldn't find what we were looking for so back to Ron we went. He once again offered the perfect suggestion .. a laminated back splash with a beveled edge. Instillation went well without complications. Next we sanded and re-finished the wood around the sink. The final step was to do something with the cabinet top that covers the stove. Since day one we both agreed that it would be perfect to turn this into a chopping board.. so off to Bed Bath and Beyond. Where Capt Don just happened to find the perfect sized board on the clearance rack.. what are the chances!! WOW!! A updated galley at last!! Sure makes cooking meals much more pleasurable! Thanks Capt Don!!

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