Father's Day Break

Yes I know it is a bit late for a dad's day post but I am just getting caught up on the blog. I need to do a better job of regular updates.

We took a break the week of Father's day to get some much needed R&R. As you can see from the previous post, The Admiral's son and family came for a visit. After Brandon's visit we drove to the panhandle of Florida to visit my Shannon (my youngest daughter), her children (Alex and LeeAnn), and Shane (my son) and his wife Cristina. Diana (the children's mom) and her mother, June were also there for a few days. The place was beautiful. Four stories tall and right on the beach. I think I counted 6 bedrooms and maybe 4 or 5 bathrooms. We had a great time and spent most of the time in the ocean and pool. We played some serious "Texas Hold'em" and Alex cleaned me out in short order. LeeAnn is a marine lover and was always on the hunt for crabs, jelly fish and yes SHARKS! She loves SHARKS! She is going to be a great sailing mate and SCUBA diver buddy. Shannon used the time for a much deserved rest and I fixed a "big o daddy breakfast." Eggs, bacon and yes it was complete with biscuits and gravy. We ate our meals on the patio porch facing the ocean. It was a wonderful time and I appreciate Shannon inviting us. Shelly (my oldest daughter) and Jeff, the elder son, were unable to attend this famfest. Hope they can make the next one. We drove the long way home and took our time enjoying the nature coast of Florida. We even saw two black bears by the road in the national forest. It a was much needed mini vacation and very relaxing. Well enjoy the photos and more to come.


Pony Girl said...

Dear Papa,
You spelled a word wrong in your blog! I love you!
Love, LeeAnn

CaptainDon said...

OK LeeAnn, I think I fixed it. Love you! PaPa