Getting Wired Update

You may remember that there are three areas in need as we prepare for our long distance voyage. They are prepare the boat, prepare ourselves and prepare our finances. This post deals with preparing the boat. For those that are following the technical side of sailing this is a brief update on the energy management upgrade project. The photos show the new base for the breaker panels and some of the breaker panels. I decided to purchase the individual panels and breakers and build my own panel. Dad would be proud! I received all of the breakers but I am still waiting on one DC breaker panel. I installed the breakers and indicator lights on the panels that were shipped. The energy monitor also arrived and it is installed on the panel. The energy monitor is a very cool device. It will measure battery condition as well as amp hour usage. It also allows alarms to be set for low and high voltage as well as other functions to manage the energy supply and use on Mary Rose. I will begin moving the load over to the new panel tomorrow. Some of the circuits will require new wire due to corrosion. Stay tuned for more updates. We had a nice swim this evening after dinner to get some exercise (prepare ourselves) and also enjoy the nice warm evening. All is well! Please post your comments.

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Shane Montgomery said...

Indeed Dad would be proud of this project. I personally am very pleased to see you knock this one out before taking off on a voyage. Of all the things that can go wrong on a fiberglass boat, electrical fire is not one of the problems that anyone would want. Good work.