Mary's New Look

Hello to all!! We just wanted to post a quick note with an update. Above are a couple of pre/post pictures of Mary's new look. We have completed the port side and today we started sanding the starboard side, tomorrow we are planning on turning her so we can start removing the old caulking and finish sanding... love those hangnails!! She is transforming beautifully and becoming our boat! After long hard consideration we decided that we would prefer a different color blue so we went with emerald blue. Now Mary is feeling bigger, bolder and brighter. Please share your thoughts. Captain Don will post complete details when the project is completed! Stay tuned for more updates.


Shane Montgomery said...

mary is looking a bit more rugged with the more masculine blue. nice work

Lisa said...

Tell the Admiral that when sanding she should try taping the tips of her fingers with electrical tape. This protects the fingers from getting hangnails and additional wear and tear. I learned this from Ronnie as he does a lot of wood working.

I am trying to keep up with what is going on. I never realized the true reason for the sailing trip but I find it inspirational. I hope you have a rewarding experience.