Brandon's Adventure To Florida!

Well Brandon made it to Florida without a hitch. We only had the week-end due to Brandon's work schedule so we made the best out of the time we had. He was lucky enough to go sailing in 25+ knots winds.. we were flying! He had a blast sitting on the bow as Mary flew through the water. I would look out at him and I could see my little Brandon smiling and laughing just like when he was a little boy...carefree again. It is amazing how quickly our children grow up .. one day they are little people looking up to you, then they become teenagers who know it all, then they become adults trying to survive in such a harsh world, they realize then that maybe their parents did know a little and slowly begin looking up to you once again. How important it is to hold close all precious memories because before you realize it, it may be all you have left one day. We enjoyed our time with Brandon, even though he did realize that living on a boat is not his cup of tea but he was a good sport about it! The trip ended with a bit of a glitch .. he was flying on a buddy pass (thanks Kenny and Peggy!) and he was bumped off the last flight of the day which required an unexpected over-nite stay in Alanta... sorry Brandon. All is well!!

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