.....time to get to sea........

In Moby-Dick, Melville wrote:

"Whenever I find myself growing grim about the mouth; whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul...........I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can. This is my substitute for pistol and ball......................."

Perhaps it is time to read Melville's classic again. time to refresh my heart with whales, the sea, the breadth of inspiration, the obsession of Ahab, the survival story that teaches its own lesson of courage and luck. excerpt from Sanity and Grace by Judy Collins

Two actual events inspired Melville's tale. One was the sinking of the Nantucket whaling ship Essex, which foundered in 1820 after it was attacked and repeatedly rammed by an 80-ton sperm whale 2,000 miles (3,700 km) from the western coast of South America. First mate Owen Chase, one of eight survivors, recorded the events in his 1821 Narrative of the Most Extraordinary and Distressing Shipwreck of the Whale-Ship Essex. You can read about this inspiration in an excellent book tittled; In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whale ship Essex by Nathaniel Philbrick If you choose to read this book, you learn of a 14 year old boy that had been taught to "idolize the form of a ship" The young lad named Nickerson was going to sea and the joy he felt was boundless and after he described the whaling ship Essex as being creaky, a living thing of pine that reeked of oil, blood, tobacco juice, food, salt, mildew, tar, and smoke. As ugly as she was, Nickerson wrote, "I would not have exchanged her for a palace."

When troubled seas are all about and we feel as though we are being tossed around helplessly and out of control it is important to remember what that 14 year old boy felt when he stepped aboard the Essex. As ugly as it gets sometimes in this life, I would not exchange it for a palace either.

The sea is alive and everyday it gives you cause to stop and truly believe in the awe of the creator. The sea has a remarkable way of reminding you that you are NOT in control but rather a visitor.......a visitor that has no say as to when the rules are about to change. She really is the beauty and the beast.

For now we will remain close to shore and accept the safe harbor that is needed as we prepare for the next portion of our journey. There is much to do and much to prepare. We have it broken down in to three major groups with many sub groups.

1. We need to prepare our ship for the journey.

2. We need to prepare ourselves for the journey.

3. We need to prepare our finances for the journey.

As I said there are many subtopics beneath each of this three main categories. We will take time in the future to define each of these in some greater detail. I doubt we will give all the grisly details as it may be a bit much for the casual reader.

But certainly it is......time to get to sea.......................................


Shane Montgomery said...

When the Sea Calls, "Come away with me"

Come away with me.
The journey starts for us
with the blessing of God.
Like seeds blown away from their mothers womb, we fly.
Drifting upon a new energy
that knows no boundaries.
Come fly with me.

Come away with me from the mystery.
Let us see the beauty, unspoiled, within one another.
Breathe sweet life into the winds of fate.
My pursuit answers your invitation with a steadfast focus tonight just as a beam of light. Tonight!
I cannot be bent away from reaching my mark.

There is but one thing that can bend my light. Destiny, the prism of your crystal clear character can extract and inspire the most brilliant rays of light.
Yellow, red, purple, and blessed blessed blue. These colors of inspiration will be freshly poured out of me, directly upon you.

Come away with me.

Come be the prego in my grazi.
Come be the bella in my ciao.
Come let us be all that we know, today, right now.

Bend my light. Bend it. Break it. Disperse it's rays. Reveal your prism of emotions, reveal them willingly.

Come away with me. Let us see, the rainbow of colors that we both produce when drawn here together. Brilliance awaits our journey. Let it be. Come. Come away with me.

-Shane Montgomery 2003

CaptainDon said...

Very nice work Shane, Love ya....Dad

Gerri said...

Beautiful, just beautiful...