Between rocks and hard places

Hello to all!! Here I am again... another duty appears to be pushed off on good ole Dinghy Admiral Nelson... oh well I guess I must grin and bare it since I have my own Lazyboy recliner set in my sights.

So here are the highlights of our day... from my perspective (smiling)

Today started out on rocky ground as Captain Montgomery being the thoughtful, kind and genuine sweetheart he is thought he would surprise me and sharpen my navigation pencil but he didn't just sharpen it .. he went a step further and turned it into a dagger as well as he attached it to a cord so I wouldn't lose anymore pencils!! So at 5am this morning at Captain Montgomery's bellowing ... me being the diligent crew I am..I jump up grab my navigational supplies and head for the companionway to get started with my day. As I made it to, let's say the 3rd step, I could see in slow motion the pencil on the line hitting the underneath of the next step and heading straight for my leg suddenly I feel it jab into my leg ... there is my pencil inserted into my thigh! Good Morning Crew!!

The next few hours went without incident..considering we had to sail Mary Rose through several rough areas with depths of 5 feet.. which can be a little nerve racking considering we carry a 5 foot draft... we saw a couple of boats grounded but we made it through.. Mary Rose did tease the bottom once.. but she glided right through it.. felt like we were riding a kiddie rollarcoaster.. great thrill!!

Then came the incident of the engine switch... Captain Don noticed the engine switch on the control panel was off after he had explicitly asked me to turn it on earlier today... I explained to him that I had turned on the switch.. as I went over in my own mind if I really did turn on the switch.. but I knew I had.. well at least thought I had. He turned on the switch again as I sat bewildered. Approx an hour later during my checks I noticed the switch was off again... so now I am looking at him... does he not know on from off??? I'm thinking that I originally had the switch on and he came behind me and turned off... so now I'm ragging on him!! We are now both bewildered!! We turn the switch on together this time to avoid any further confusion. An hour later I came to check on the switch and SHAZAM... IT'S OFF!! Lesson learned... in reality only 2 of us are on board this sailing vessel.. but there is also one more... Murphy... as in Murphy's Law...

Our entertainment today was provided free of charge by several dolphins swimming around the sailing vessel and dancing for us.. it was great.. we really like free stuff right now!!

The grand finale of the day occurred while waiting for a draw bridge to open. This particular bridge only opened on the half hour and of course we arrived early since our avg speed was at 5 knots and our top speed at 9.2 knots.. yes we were flying!! .. we were sitting in a strong current pulling us toward the bridge as we were trying to hold our position for the bridge to open...but we were not alone. With us were several large... yes large..let's say Paris Hilton size motor yachts that were also competing for a place in this line up. We .. well Mary being the large girl (sailing vessel)she is does not maneuver as well as these motor yachts. One of the large motor yachts rapidly changed course which in turn caused us to go into a hard reverse and Mary sucked the dinghy painter (tow rope) into her propeller.. not good news! Engine stopped, left us drifting towards the bridge.. quick thinking Super Hero Captain Montgomery leaped to the bow, released the anchor and made it fast to the Sampson post securing Mary Rose to the muck in the bottom of the channel. That wasn;t all folks, next he put on his Super Hero wardrobe which consisted of life jacket and goggles... leaping over the side into the dinghy to assess the situation. Within just a brief second he bellowed out.. "bring me snorkel gear, a rope, a sharp knife with a tether!!" I ran off to gather the requested supplies and watched my Super Hero submerge himself repeatedly, holding his breath as I heard him working away at the entanglement that presented it's self beneath the boat. What seemed like hours but were mere minutes he had completed the task.. and returned safely to comfort the crew... just another day on our voyage!!

So here we sit after repairing today's injuries, hot showers completed, clean clothes on board.. and on us.. at New Smyrna Beach City Marina... Sipping on well earned rum and cokes... and may I say .. not just any rum... but Admiral Nelson Rum!!

Remember:: Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die. life becomes a broken-winged bird that cannot fly!!

Good nite...to all!