Making Ready For A Long Voyage

This update is a bit over due. Lots has happened since the last post. The Thanksgiving Holiday took some time out of our hectic schedule for preparation and planning of our log upcoming voyage. Thank you Shannon for being such a great hostess! However it was a welcomed interruption and we enjoyed the rest and relaxation. Sooooo.....yes we slacked for a few days but we are hard at work now and things are very much on schedule. We purchased a new 6 ft dinghy and a new Mercury 4 stroke 5 hp engine for it so we can get to shore when we anchor or are on a mooring. We have the motor and it is already secure to the new red oak mounting board that has been u bolted to the stern pulpit. The dinghy was to be delivered today but FedEx went to the wrong address. Today was a great day. We rolled out early and went to Jacksonville to pick up our Honda gas powered generator so we will have axillary power when we are off shore or at anchor. After we returned from JAX we turned Mary Rose around and placed her in the slip with the bow facing seaward so we could work on the wind vane from the finger pier. We then proceeded with mounting the Aries wind vane so we can self steer the boat with wind power and this gives us an additional option for auto pilot that will work in the event that we lose all power. We also met with Captain Larry Sherwood (former owner) and tuned the rig and went over some rig gear that we were not familiar with. We had a couple of beers and watched the sun set before we went below for dinner. We had a very nice light dinner of Tomatoes, Mozzarella Cheese with Basil, Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar. We are now studying charts and navigation for the Inter coastal Waterway (ICW) so we can be well prepared for our departure on 01DEC2007 from Fernandina Beach, Fl to begin our 800+ mile voyage to Saint Petersburg, FL. We estimate this voyage to take 12 - 14 days if we sail only during daylight hours. Of course we will stay in safe harbor if the weather dictates. We have set limits for sailing off shore of seas of 6-9 feet with a long frequency and winds below 20 knots. If the conditions exceed these limits then we will stay on the ICW and motor sail 50 - 60 nautical miles each day. Future posts will be dependant on ability to connect to the net and our energy level. Shane Montgomery will be our daily contact and will be keenly aware of each days travel plans. He will alert the coast guard if we do not contact him and we will take the status of an overdue vessel. We have a a good safety net in place for this adventure. All is well and the list of critical items to complete is getting very short. STAY TUNED FOR MORE UPDATES AS WE ARE ABLE!