Interesting Day!

Today started off with a rather sever injury to the Admiral. Lana got a severe boat bite first thing this morning from the companionway hatch. She caught both thumbs in a pinch point and was in a lot of pain. The captain administered first aid and she is much better this evening. In spite of her severe injury she insisted on preparing a fabulous breakfast for the captain. We had scrambled eggs made with fresh cheddar cheese and onions, fried potatoes and sausage patties with coffee and juice. What a trouper!

I spent the day making sure the Admiral was comfortable and on the way to healing and taking care of priority maintenance issues that need to be completed before we set sail for St Petersburg, FL. I put new stainless safety wires on the caps for the chain pipes to prevent loss in heavy weather. I then washed down the topsides to rid Mary Rose of dirt and dust that has settled on her over the past several days. I glued two pieces of red oak together last night to prepare them for construction of a mount to place the dinghy motor on the stern pulpit while we are sailing. It came out as planned and will mount it over the weekend.

We plan to go to Shannon's early in the AM for Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday. We will return on Friday PM or early Saturday AM and begin a hectic schedule to prepare ourselves and Mary Rose for a 800 mile voyage to St Petersburg.