After a long wrestling match with the anchor rode and dinghy, we decided to relax and see if we could catch some fresh fish. Sure enough the first fish caught by the dinghy admiral (Lana) was a Whiting and then a huge sheepshead. This will be enough fish for at least two meals. I could not believe the size of the sheepshead that Lana pulled in. It was a great end to a long hard day. Oh yeah, remember the chili last night? Well it was chili dogs today........yummmmmmmmmmm!

Dinghy Admiral

Today was a day with a small list of chores.

1. Inflate the dinghy.

2. Go to West Marine and use our 20% discount coupon to get things needed to shove off for our sail around the horn of Florida.

3. Pull the anchor rode from both anchor lockers (all 250 feet) and inspect it and make sure that it is in good condition and attached to the Sampson post.

Well the dinghy is old technology and it really was a challenge. We will sell it and buy a new one before we set sail. Please note the photo of the Dinghy Admiral with the foot pump.

We bought tethers, a hand held VHF radio and a few other required items for our longggggggg sail around Florida to St Petersburg.

We pulled the anchor rode from both lockers and sure enough one of the rodes was not attached to the Sampson post.

More to come!