Up to date!

OK, now the blog is sort of up to date. My son Shane was very helpful in getting me to start this blog and now I wish we had started earlier. Now that it is somewhat up to date we will make regular entries that are more timely. Lana tells me she will post in the future and it will be in pink font so you will know it is her. I can assure you that she has a completely different perspective on this adventure than I. Even though our goals are aligned it is still different. While all is well and we are living aboard there is still much to do. The previous owner is a great guy (Captain Larry Sherwood, USMC, retired) and he has been a great deal of help. He has a boat load of extra parts and gear for Mary Rose. No pun intended. Most of the extra stuff is still in his yard and in his garden storage shed. We moved some of the stuff yesterday but there is much more. The most challenging to date was about 300 pounds of 3/8 galvanized anchor chain. Phewwwwww that was heavy. There is a long list hanging in the galley of work that needs to be done. None of it is critical to safety or sea worthiness. It is really different when your boat is also your home. If any of you would like to learn more about the Westsail 32 you may go to www.westsail.org. The Westsail 32 has a great history and is an interesting boat. We miss our families and friends and hope some of you will come to visit as we venture on our journey. Our current location will likely change within a few weeks. Lana is a dialysis nurse and will be accepting a travel nurse position here in Florida shortly. There is no rush as we would like to get some additional experience before we set off for long distance cruising aboard Mary Rose. We hope you enjoy the blog and hope to hear from you all. The biggest disappointment to date is that due to distance of the local ABC TV station and the lack of cable............WE MISSED DESPERATE HOUSE WIFEWIVES THIS PAST SUNDAY NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date night!

We decided to take a night off and go out for Sushi! Thank you Lana for the nice treat! Yummmmm!

Finally a day away from the dock and sailing the old girl!

13 November 2007

Today was the first day that we took time to actually sail Mary Rose. Yesterday we stayed at the dock and the winds were perfect for raising the main sail while tied to the dock. This gave us an opportunity to get familiar with the jiffy reefing system and not be distracted by other things like really big boats, waves and hard stuff at the edges of the water. So today we motored out to the channel and sailed several miles with main and jib. We had a bit of a situation leaving the dock for the first time as the flawless captain of this ship and attentive crew failed to untie one of the dock lines. This boat has a huge prop walk to port and it was exaggerated by the bitter end of the secure dock line. Needless to say we became quite intimate with the boat to our port side. No damage except to the captains ego due to the audience that became attracted to our predicament. The flawless captain almost lost his crew after returning to dock as she slipped on the bow sprit and fell through the hole in it where the anchor chain goes. No serious damage other than minor bruises and the bashing of the captain's ego. All in all it was a great day and we had some serious fun.

Lana Finds a Pirate for Herself!

Not to be outdone by the captain, Lana finds herself a strapping swashbuckler pirate.

Honor to all Veterans!

Saturday we went to the local Veterans Day Parade and paid all due respect to our Veterans! We had a wonderful pancake breakfast at the Methodist church and then watched the parade. It was mostly a day of respect and peaceful relaxation. Well almost anyway........the pirates showed up to unveil the refurbished statue of Peg Leg Pete with a host of sassy Wenches and they kidnapped me! Please do not pay the ransom!!!!!!!!!! I am a Wench Magnet!

All Clean!

The fruits of our labor! Yes flat screen TV and all! Time to enjoy a nice glass of wine!

Out of order, but this is the splash!

01 November 2007

Clean and stow the gear!

Day 2 through 8................. Lots of cleaning! We cleaned her from stem to stern. We had lots of personal gear to move aboard. Clothes, galley ware, food, tools, books, spare parts and more of too much STUFF! She was ready to move aboard on 09 November 2007. It was a great falling asleep in her v-berth and feel the gentle motion of the tidel ebb and flo.

A bit of bottom work!

01 November 2007

Mary Rose was to be lifted from her cradle and placed back into the water!

She had been in a cradle since purchase in July 07. We had to attend to a bit of bottom work before she was placed back in the water. Capt. Don went dumpster diving (PADI Certified Diver) at the carpet store to get some 16X16 pads of perfectly good carpet to burnish the bottom paint and bring it back to life.

Welcome Aboard!

This is the beginning of what we hope to be a very long and enjoyable journey. We hope this blog keeps friends and family up to date and helps them enjoy the journey along with us. The Captain is Don Montgomery and the crew is First Mate Lana Nelson. For some of you this will be your introduction to one or both of us. I am sure you will get to know us both a whole lot better as the journey progresses. So let's get started on the journey.

Welcome aboard!